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Sneaking in an entry — still at school, but it’s parent-teacher day/night and I’ll be here until 6pm to talk to one parent.  Of my 12 advisees, only two have grades below 75 so they are the only two who must bring their parents to me, and one already has.  It’s a fortunate predicament to find myself in, and all would be well were it not for the freakish temperature fluctuations here in the city that are beginning to make me feel sick.  I awoke expecting it to be in the 40s, dressed accordingly, but it had to have been in the 60s.  Then came the torrential downpour of rain and a temperature drop into the 30s.  F’real.  So now comes the sneezing and coughing, the headaches and all other maladies that attend to shifts in the weather.  With your immune system attempting to adjust, this is not the time you want to be around large numbers of young people.  So I’m grateful for the small number of conferences I have to facilitate, but damn — all I really want is a cup of TheraFlu and a nap! 


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It’s been awhile…

2007 has thus far been red-letter year.  It gets a bright shiny star sticker on the report card.

Although 2006 brought me an amazing man to call my own, it’s 2007 that really saw that relationship prosper.  To this day I am in love with the most amazing guy — good-hearted and charming, stable, smart and sexy — I’d dreamt about him for years, and now, a year later, here we are.  Just amazing.

And 2007 helped me to find the Capella choir.  Ten months and three concerts down the line, I am still a member and I rejoice after each rehearsal: After a five-and-a-half year hiatus, I am a musician again.  Music is once again a friend, and despite our time apart it hasn’t taken us very long to cozy up to each other.

2007 brought me back to knitting (although I’ve been a little slow on the go about this lately, too — will post some finished projects in a few days and discuss the latest works), and it led me to The Point where I’ve met some dear new friends.  Quirky, eclectic and colorful, dull shall never describe the place or the people in the knitting community here in New York.

2007 flew me back to Bath, England, where I was fortunate enough to spend one of the most memorable years of my life.  Although I was only able to spend a week there this year, I was able to spend that week with my Grandma who had never visited England before.  So even though we visited places that were common to me during my previous stay, I saw them now through her eyes and delighted in everything anew.   It was a special trip, and it allowed me to check in with some old friends as well.

Lastly, but far from leastly, 2007 landed me a new job.  My four years of teaching middle school in the Bronx have come to a end.  I want to say more about that and describe the ending with words like “bittersweet” and “hard,” but no qualifying adjectives can fully communicate the experience, so a future entry will need to address it.  Suffice it to say, I’m now teaching at a high school in Manhattan, and the fact that I’m including this in my list of highlights of 2007 ought to say enough for now about how I feel.  I’ll say more later.

And I promise that I will.  Say more later, that is.  Because of all the wonders that 2007 has wrought, a committed focus to writing is not one of them (Observe: this blog began in, yet has been heretofore untouched since January).  And this is problematic, not only because I tell people that if I were to leave teaching it would be to pursue a career as a full-time writer (whatever that could mean), but because I really like to write and I’m just not doing enough of it.  I have ideas for novels and plays, essays, what-have-you, but they remain queued up at the ticket counter in my head and never travel beyond the threshold of my brain.

The problem is that there’s never enough time — everybody’s problem, right?  What with Boyfriend and Friends and Teaching and Music and Knitting…there’s a lot to take care of, and thankfully so.  Still…  I always promise myself that I’ll use the summer to write, but I never do.  The summer calendar seduces me with its vast emptiness, then it intimidates me with its many possibilities, and by the time I decide what I want to do with it, it ends.  Big tease.

I also daydream about all the workshops and classes I should take that would make me into a writer.  This makes sense in my head, but in reality I’ve attended the workshops, the seminars and the meetup groups, and I write in spurts, but it isn’t consistent enough to be meaningful.

And yet, I still love words, and I still want to play with them.  So what am I to do?

Here’s what: I’m going to write something every day.  For the next year.  Even if it sucks.  2007 will begin my commitment, and 2008, I hope, will continue to bear all the fruit of 2007 and more.  By doing this — I don’t know… — I hope to improve my writing stamina, generate some ideas for bigger projects, and just keep a promise to myself.  This way it will be a legitimate claim when I tell people that I’m a writer, ya know?


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I’m keeping my baby.

I’ve lost count of how many blogs I have conceived and later aborted with the realization that I wasn’t ready to be a good blogger. It takes dedication, ya know, and it also seems to take a PC or Internet Explorer, and I have a Mac and Firefox. I don’t have the dedication to do the research to see where the flubs happen, I get frustrated quickly with computers, and so the life was untimely sucked from those infant blogs.

Abortion metaphors are gross, huh. I’ll stop.

I’ll simply say instead that this, my latest blog incarnation, will cover a few topics. Knitting, Climbing and Teaching. I realize that these are three disparate topics and each could deserve a blog dedicated to themselves alone. And one day they might. But for right now, let me see if I can sustain keeping up a blog, period. And if it works this time, Hallelujah!, I will think about diversifying.

So enjoy. I’m going to try to have fun with this. I hope you do too.



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