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Sneaking in an entry — still at school, but it’s parent-teacher day/night and I’ll be here until 6pm to talk to one parent.  Of my 12 advisees, only two have grades below 75 so they are the only two who must bring their parents to me, and one already has.  It’s a fortunate predicament to find myself in, and all would be well were it not for the freakish temperature fluctuations here in the city that are beginning to make me feel sick.  I awoke expecting it to be in the 40s, dressed accordingly, but it had to have been in the 60s.  Then came the torrential downpour of rain and a temperature drop into the 30s.  F’real.  So now comes the sneezing and coughing, the headaches and all other maladies that attend to shifts in the weather.  With your immune system attempting to adjust, this is not the time you want to be around large numbers of young people.  So I’m grateful for the small number of conferences I have to facilitate, but damn — all I really want is a cup of TheraFlu and a nap! 


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