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It’s my time of the month and I’m feeling (sic)!

Okay, let me just say that I am not laughing at my students when they confuse English words and malaprop things all over the place. I’ve been in their place. I spent six weeks during the summer of 1999 teaching in Mexico, and I asked a student of mine if I could see his “chaqueta,” which in my mind and on my tongue meant “jacket.” And it does mean “jacket” in Spain, but in Mexico it means “to masturbate” (chaquetar). Basically, instead of asking if I could see his jacket (which was new and colorful), I asked if I could see him “jack it”…and a chorus of laughter ensued.

We make mistakes when we dress our tongues in new languages, it’s how we learn. And it’s flippin’ hysterical to native speakers of that language when we do it.

As was the case today, when an ESL student told me quietly (and with a sense of lost honor) that her 13-year-old cousin not only had a baby after having sex, she also lost her vagina!

Me: I don’t think you mean “vagina,” you mean…

Student: Oh yeah, I know that…I mean she lost her vaginity.

🙂 From the mouths of babes…


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One knitting bag to rule them all…

In spite of my novitiate status as a knitter, I have a pretty f***in’ sweet knitting bag. When I attend a group of more experienced yarnies, I feel as though I haven’t earned this bag. Be this as it may, the bag found me and decided I was to be The One to possess it. It’s a burdensome role, but, you know, it’s fate — what can you do?

Actually, it was a Christmas gift from my friends who taught me how to knit. In hopes of warding off the jealous stares, I will tell you why it’s fabulous and where you can purchase one for yourself.

So, the Eagle Good to Go Bag is a great bag because it is made of sturdy canvas (so your needles won’t poke through) and is flanked on its sides by six pockets ready-made to hold a skein of yarn each; each pocket has a hole that you can run your yarn through so that it will pull through the inside of the bag, allowing you to knit comfortable when you’re out and about without having to hold your yarn between your legs or in other strange places where yarn just shouldn’t go. On the inside it is lined with myriad pockets for your gear, as well as elastic needle holders. It’s deep so that it can hold several projects all at once.

Pretty fab, and you don’t have to take my word for it:


And you can get it at Michael’s, either in store or online.


I’m not usually one to proselytize, but what can I say? I like this bag.

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