We don’t like your bush.

My students are learning about the Revolutionary War and the events leading up to it.  I had them analyze Ben Franklin’s “Join or Die” cartoon (the one with the snake chopped into bits, each bit representing one of the colonies), and then they created cartoons of their own.  The assignment yielded a spectrum of sophistication, from abstract commentary on our school’s uniform policy, to the colonists’ desire to maim King George III, to my very favorite cartoon. It’s my favorite not because of what she meant to say, but what she actually said.  This student (I don’t feel comfortable revealing names on this blog) is an English as a Second Language student from the Dominican Republic, and her cartoon depicted 20 people wearing Mickey Mouse ears and sour faces, and carrying signs that meant to read “We Don’t Like You, Bush,” but instead read what I’ve written above as the title line.

You can make it into a t-shirt if you like, but I get two shirts for free, one for me and one for my student to give to her when she graduates from high school in five years, hopefully with a stronger grasp of English.


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